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Ends today, 23rd August.

DK Music Business Academy Presents...

Lifetime Membership.


This is the rundown of what you get with a DK-MBA Lifetime Membership:

🔓 Lifetime access to all DK-MBA services, including the entire course library and all updates. 


❌ No subscription payments, just one payment which is the equivalent of 12 months of the Monthly subscription. 


 📚Access to Damian's two eBooks Stop Selling Music and The Rule Breaker's Guide To Social Media. 


📲 Access to Damian's personal WhatsApp number with priority. 

🎥 Access to small group Lifetime Member Zoom sessions with Damian (next one will be in September).

🆕 LIFETIME EXTRA: Entry to The Content Hacker, a weekly email eBook updates with social media content ideas and latest trends, direct to your inbox every week

🆕 LIFETIME EXTRA:  To celebrate the brand new course The Ultimate Content Blueprint For Musicians, you can pick up my brand new 100 Content Strategy document with a massive 180 pages.

No subscription payments

Priority access to WhatsApp

Lifetime access to the course library

Access to Lifetime Only Zoom Sessions

Priority email access for career development

Entry to

The Content Hacker weekly eBook series

Here's the deal...


I want you to hit 1 million streams as fast as humanly possible.

Hey! I'm Damian. Founder of DK Music Business Academy and previous Co-Founder of BIMM, the largest Music University of it's type in the world. 

I've worked in the music industry for over 25 years and you may have seen me on YouTube before when you've searched how to release music. I have a community of over 500K+ musicians around the world, so you're in safe hands. 

This isn't one of those pages where you need to read for hours and I sell to you.  If you've seen me before, you know I'm not about that.  I'm here to give you the facts and a fast solution to growing your music, hitting 1 million streams and creating a GENUINE fanbase that actually cares about you and your music. 

Now, you're reading this because you have a problem. 


❌ You've got music but you're not getting it heard

❌ You're spending time (and sometimes money) but it's not making a difference

❌ You don't want fake numbers, you want REAL results

You're reading this because you want the solution.

And you want it to be fast and save both your time and money. 

And you want to see results like this:

IMG_9030 (1).jpeg


I operate a no BS approach.  I give you everything you need to succeed quickly, saving you both time and money with costly mistakes. 

And with that I expect you to work with me to make it happen. 

I work with labels on a daily basis and if you've ever wondered what tricks and techniques they use to break artists behind closed doors...

This is your rare opportunity to see what I'm PRIVATELY showing and teaching major labels and my own team every day.

With Lifetime, you get access to Lifetime Only sessions where I go through exactly what I discuss with labels and successful artists.

This isn't just a course.  This is PRIVATE information that I share behind closed doors. 


And Lifetime Membership is your opportunity to come behind closed doors with me. 


You'll witness me detailing to my own team the nuances of breaking artists using social media in 2023, from content creation to ads management, to playlisting.  


Few people know the true details (and it can't be shared on YouTube).  I sign NDAs and it's information I can't make completely public in that way. 

As well as this, you'll get access to content creation ideas every single week which I also share with labels. 

Most of all, you'll be included with what I feed my team that can generate insane results (as I'm typing this on a Sunday, one of my artists I work with has just generated 1000 new followers in 4 hours from a single post - this will probably be at least 5000 new followers from just one post organically after 24 hours). 

This stuff no one (apart from me), speaks out about publicly.  

(Likely because they just don't know it.  But I do.  And of course, I share it with my team). 

NOW, here's the deal...

I will make sure you have access to be able to achieve the following:


✅ Hit 1 million streams+ on Spotify

✅ Build a genuine fanbase online who cares about your music

✅ Build leverage and the narrative that gets you real opportunities

And most importantly...

 Avoid stupid costly mistakes

❌ Avoid scams that could ruin your career before it's even started

❌ Avoid wasting time

This includes powerhouse moves like...

  • How to set up your socials to drive conversions in hitting the follow button

  • How to actually get Spotify to playlist you

  • How to market your music without it feeling like you're promoting

  • How to make genuine fans

  • How to leverage digital advertising

  • How to get people to do what you want using email marketing

  • How to monetise successfully (whilst you're building)

  • And so much more...

And honestly, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You'll watch me deploy advanced tactics I use on a daily basis with real artists in today's music industry in a small group private Zoom session JUST for Lifetime Members. 

I would say "this isn't for everyone", but that feels a bit cheesy.  I would say this isn't for you if...

  1. You try something once without any effort and then declare it doesn't work (the problem is you here)

  2. You don't have high standards (the problem is you here too)

  3. You're not willing to go out of your comfort zone (not so much a problem, but restricts what you can achieve)

I understand you may have some questions.  There's an FAQ below and the pricing underneath that.

See you inside!


What is Lifetime Membership?

Lifetime Membership is a lifetime access to my Academy, DK-MBA.  It is a rare opportunity to join without a Membership and pay a one-off amount ($349) and never have to pay another payment, whilst getting Lifetime Only perks.

How often can I get Lifetime Membership?

I open Lifetime Membership roughly once every three months, to coincide with the next Lifetime Member Only Zoom meeting with me.  The next one is this Friday, so Lifetime Member access is open until an hour before the session at 10AM CT.

What extra do I get?

As well as everything with a normal DK-MBA membership, you will also get the following:

  • Access to ALL Lifetime Zoom Meetings with me.

  • Priority access to working with me on WhatsApp.

  • My weekly eBook The Content Hacker, giving you 5 social media ideas every week (this is $10 a month otherwise)

  • Access to discounted 1-1 consultations.

  • NEW: Access to my The 100 Content Strategy eBook with 180 pages. 

Will it speed up results?

Whilst no one can guarantee results, I can guarantee speeding up results by making sure you're on the right track, giving you actionable tasks and making sure you're working smarter, not harder.  I like to fast track artists through making sure they're doing LESS better.

Will I get to work with you?

Yes! I take a hands on approach and I'm here whenever you need me on WhatsApp and we work together on your music.

When is the Lifetime Zoom session?

The next Lifetime Zoom session is in September and all details will be provided when you are a Lifetime Member.

How To Join.

Join using the link below.



Normally a day of my time is $9,000

So it wouldn’t be unrealistic to say that a Lifetime Membership for DK-MBA could be $2999

But I’m not going to charge that.

... I’m not even going to charge $1499

... And I’m not even going to charge $999

... Or I’m not even going to charge $699

Lifetime Membership is only...

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