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DK-MBA Lifetime Membership Exclusive Upgrade:

🎥 Access to small group Lifetime Member Zoom sessions with Damian (next one is  WEDNESDAY, 22nd May at 2PM CT. If you can't make the session it will be recorded and emailed).

🔓 Lifetime access to all DK-MBA services, including the entire course library and all updates. 


❌ No subscription payments, just one upgrade payment


📲 Access to Damian's personal WhatsApp number with priority. 

🆕 EXTRA: A HUGE 500 hooks for creating social media content with (this only gets used currently with my record label clients - never think about what you need to film again!)

🆕 EXTRA: 200 fully processed social media content ideas complete with step by step instructions (this is 150 pages long!)

🆕 EXTRA: Our 90 days of content document

And new for this offer...

🆕 EXTRA: Personal intro 1-1 chat with a DK-MBA team member to understand where you are, what you want to achieve and personal advice

🆕 EXTRA: Combined database for press, radio, A&R and playlists

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