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Welcome to The Content Hacker, designed to alleviate overwhelm and give you EXACTLY what you need for your socials, delivered to you every week.

Welcome to

The Content

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Here's all the straight forward info about The Content Hacker:

🔓 WHAT IS IT? A weekly content eBook, giving you 5 specific social media ideas you can create that week, including instruction and specific examples.


📅 WHEN DO I GET IT? It will be landing in your inbox EVERY TUESDAY from when you join. As a bonus, you will get Edition 001 immediately sent from when you join.


 ❓ WHO THIS IS FOR? This is for artists who are building their social platforms with their music. 

👀 CAN I SEE IT FIRST? You can see what the weekly eBook looks like  in the images on this page, but if you don't have faith that I will give SO MUCH value to money spent, then just don't do it.  In fact, PLEASE don't.

💰 HOW MUCH IS IT? $500 a month.

🚨 SERIOUSLY?! Relaaaaax just kidding, it's $10 a month or $2.50 an issue (that's four a month if the maths is a little slow).  The price of a Starbucks to get everything you need for your socials that week.

Delivered to your inbox every week

5 Content ideas every single week

Direct instruction with examples

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Created for artists releasing music and building online

Cheaper than a weekly Starbucks

Immediately get the first edition when joining

Hi, I'm Damian 👋

Making social media as an artist in 2023 is haaaard.  But it is incredibly important and helps build your leverage.

✅ You need socials to build social proof

✅ You need socials to create a fanbase

✅ You need socials to get signed in 2023

✅ You need socials to monetise your music


NO ONE TELLS YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO STEP BY STEP (apart from me obviously, you might have the 23 Day Release Plan already ;) ) 🤯

You might get a load of information in one go or just be told "you need to go viral" and you're sat there going "this is overwhelming, what do I do with this".

And then you end up not posting enough, you don't build up consistency and then the numbers make you feel deflated when you compare yourself to someone else. 

This is why I created The Content Hacker, designed to alleviate overwhelm.  Each weekly edition gives you 5 actionable ideas for your social media, broken down into step by step instruction WITH an appropriate example.  Simply put, it takes away the guesswork from content creation so you can focus more time on what matters... Your music. 

You might be thinking, OK this just seems like a weekly eBook.  How can it ACTUALLY help me and how is it different to anything else.  I'll answer below...


All my best AND new ideas will be going in The Content Hacker first, as Editions drop every week.  It will be the most UP TO DATE resource of where new trends and ideas go.  You will be getting my newest and best ideas before anyone else sees them.


As you may know by now (I'm guessing if you're reading this, this isn't the first time you've seen me), I am NOT interested in giving out tactics and ideas that are taught by anyone else.  Quite frankly, I'm actually getting annoyed at the SHEER AMOUNT of theft that is happening to me this year.  I will be sharing content that isn't original to me (to give you ideas), but I will be applying a new perspective and crediting the original creator.
These ideas are not for beginners.  This is for artists who are wanting to develop their socials and dedicate TIME and ENERGY.  Like anything in life, what you put in is generally what you get out.  I want this to HELP you achieve your goals, not be one more thing that you ignore.


I share these EXACT ideas with labels and management companies I consult with on a monthly basis (and they are paying A LOT more then you will be).  


Ultimately, the point of giving you 5 examples every week is so you can ACTION IT!  So each edition is created so you can complete it easily, less theory, more action.  If you're someone who loves learning but hates doing, this one probably isn't for you.

➡️ NOW, IF YOU THINK YOU'RE READY TO JOIN (this might deter you)...
I'm not interested in spending hours trying to convince you why this is awesome, you either know that it is or you're gonna click away. 

You can join (only if you meet these requirements)...

If you can easily afford $10 a month to invest in developing your music, your social media and your skillset (please do NOT join if you don't have $10 a month spare, I don't want your money, please just take care of yourself first).

If you understand that this will be delivered via EMAIL every week (on a Tuesday)

If you are a 'taking action' type of person, honestly it's just not worth it for you if you never take action.  Just watch another YouTube video, this one isn't for you.

If you aren't a really annoying
person (you know who you are).  The type that has a problem with everything and nothing is quite good enough but they feel the need to keep coming forward, please just click off the page.

If you trust me. I don't just mean trust my teaching, I mean trusting me as a decen
t, honest, straight-talking guy who is trying to do their best to help you and create something awesome at the same time. 

If that fits, then I invite you to join The Content Hacker...

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How To Join

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Here's a sum-up:

🔓 Get weekly editions of The Content Hacker eBook straight into your inbox EVERY TUESDAY.


➡️ 5 actionable ideas with examples and step-by-step instruction.


☕ Cheaper than a weekly Starbucks to get everything you need for your socials.


🆓 You'll immediately get the first edition of The Content Hacker when you join


❓If you're unsure about whether this is for you, it's definitely easier for you not to do it, so I'd recommend going elsewhere :)

$500 (just kidding)


(charged per month)


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